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Pay Summary report

I just recently add a new company to flexitime and found out that the pay summary report is different from the reports creating from previous files. Summary does not give totals of payments to IRD separately ie PAYE, Kiwisaver, Student Loan. Instead showing as payments to IRD DED. It is better for us to record these separately in the accounting system.

I prefer the previous summary report over the new one


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Tamara you can change back to the old way of splitting them out just be editing the pay codes and changing the DED on the relevant IRD pay codes to match the old codes. One reason why we default the pay codes differently now is that we do not split ESCT out into a separate pay line. When the Kiwisaver ESCT exemption was lifted the old coding would include the KSR and ESCT portions together. It was far simpler for most companies to deposit a single DED line and let the IRD split it out according to the IR345.

Robert Owen
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