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Calculating and inputting back pay in Flexitime


Can someone help please?

What would be the best way to set up a back payment in flexitime that reflects a pay increase as well as an increase in hours part way through?

The pay rise is back dated to 23 July 2013. The increase is $1.00 per hour from $19.00 per hour to $20.00 per hour.

From the 23/7 until 31/8/2013 the staff member worked 20 hours per week.

From the 01 September, her hours increased to 25 hours per week ongoing.

Should this be a separate payment or included in her standard weekly pay?

Thanks for the help.



Christina Vellasamy Answered

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Christina, you'll probably find the answer to your question here:

One point to make -if the normal hours per week have changed you should ensure these have also changed on the leave tab for the employee. And you may need to manually increase the annual leave accrued by adding 4/52 x the number of hours missed in pays.

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