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Change to NZDST

I am aware that there were issues with the changing of the clocks, but understood that these had been resolved.  However, when I look at time sheets that were processed during NZST, they are one hour ahead, i.e. when someone worked 9am to 3pm, they are now showing as working 10am to 4pm.  

Do you have any intention of rectifying this?

Leah Answered

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Hi Leah,

The problem with DST on machines running the Chrome browser has not been resolved. We are waiting to hear a response from Google regarding a fix to this problem. We strongly advise that you do not use Chrome or disable the built-in version of Flash in the Chrome browser (pepperflash) until this problem is fixed by Google.

From the FlexiTime point of view, if your time is showing incorrectly in a non-Chrome browser then we would be happy to fix it for you. However, we have no way of telling what times are correct and which are incorrect. This is because we record whatever the browser sends us. If the browser has corrupted the time as is the case in this situation then we are not able to determine if it is correct or not. However, if you want us to take a look at your time records to see if we can make any changes to fix the problem for you then we would be happy to do this. Please raise a support call for us to look into it.

When we hear from Google about a fix to the problem we will notify you that it is safe to use the Google Flash player again.



Robert Owen.

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