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Leave Hours Accrual

An employee had a leave anniversary on 29/1/13.  On 27/1/2013, total leave due was 213.4 hours (83.9 due and 129.5 in advance).  During the following pay period, they took 22 hours A/L and this was recorded in the calendar and shows in the payslip for the pay on 14/2/13.  On the leave summary for this pay period it shows no leave taken since 29/1/2013 and the current annual leave due is now 197.2 (no leave accrued in advance).  In the following pay period, 64 hours of leave was taken and this now shows in the leave taken since 29/1/13 box as expected - leaving 133.2 hours leave due.   Following the anniversary, why was there a change in leave due of 16.2 hours, and why did the 22 hours A/L taken following the anniversary not appear in the leave summary? 

Jane Doherty

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