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Changing pay frequency



I have one employee who is changing their pay frequency from fortnightly to weekly. Their pay amount is not changing only their frequency.

Pleas can you advise the correct to make this change and if there are any calculations I should be aware of. Up until their last pay on 14th May, they were paid fortnightly. The change is to take effect from their next pay on the 28 May 2013.

Thank you for your help.


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Christina Vellasamy

Christina Vellasamy Answered

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For salaried employees, the pay amount will change automatically. If using timesheets, the times will also change automatically since the pay covers the extended period. It's only if you have a number of hours entered in the default pay that you need to make a change. Edit the employee, go to their default pay, edit the Ordinary Time line and change the default quantity of hours.

There shouldn't be any other changes you need to make.

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