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Alternate Leave Hours does not match Time Sheet

When the person works on a public holiday they accrue 1 day alternate leave. This happens even if they only work 1 hour on that day. When they take the alternate leave day they are paid out the relevant daily pay - that is the number of hours they would have worked on the day taken off. Or if you don't know how many hours would have been worked you can select to use the average daily rate.

So they may work 1 hour on a public holiday and accrue an alternate leave day, but be paid for 8 hours on the day they take that alternate leave. Strange but true.

If the employee has normal hours per day defined on the Employment tab under Setup > Employee FlexiTime shows the number of hours for the 1 day alternate leave as the normal hours per day. 

If the normal hours per day is zero then the 1 day alternate leave accrued will show the number of hours she actually worked on the public holiday.

The number of hours doesn't really matter though because it is the days that is important, we show the hours for informational purposes only.

Robert Owen

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