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Why isn't my employee's YTD Total the same as Gross Earnings?

I have noticed that the Year to Date totals for our employees seem to be higher than the actuals and I am wondering why this is.

For example for our employee X on the Year to Date totals tab on the Edit Employee screen found under Maintain Employees, the 'Gross Earnings' shows as $50,600,  yet on the 'Pay Records' tab if I add all the figures in the 'Gross Earnings' column it comes to $31,700 which would seem more correct since this employee is on a $35,000 salary.

Why is the figure on the Year to Date tab so much higher?   Is there something else being added into this total?

If you could explain this please that would be great

Robert Owen Answered

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YTD Totals are for the Tax Year to Date so go from 1st April - 31 Mar. Gross Earnings to date on the Leave tab are from the employees last anniversary, for employee X this is 15 Sep.

When you added this employee around the beginning of April last year you entered his YTD Gross Earnings and Gross Earnings to Date. When the employee passed his anniversary in September,  the Gross Earnings to date was reset to zero. His YTD Gross Earnings will continue to accrue until he passes 1st April this year.

YTD totals aren't particularly important. They are only used to provide the employee with a certificate of earnings which isn't a legal requirement these days because they can ask for a earnings certificate from IRD.

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