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Enable columns to be added to invoice

We are currently showing Code (from Work Category tab), Description (actually employee name), Quantity, Rate, and Total.

We would like to show a further description of the time spent - perhaps the description details from the timesheet?

Also can we change the current column heading from 'Description' to 'Consultant'

Helen Woolley

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You can now include [Time Description] as a merge token on a charge type to include an appended list of time descriptions on the invoice line narration. You can also add 'Consultant' as your own label on the invoice lines. For example, a Charge Type with the following Invoice Line Narration...

Consultant: [Employee Name] 

Code: [Work Category Tracking Code]

[Time Description]

...will create an invoice line like this:

Consultant: Joe Bloggs

Code: 10331

Investigation into options

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