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Transferring timesheet descriptions onto invoices


I'm a self-employed accountant and I use Flexitime timesheets to record chargeable time spent servicing clients, e.g: 3.5 hours on 10/06/2013 "Visited client X and discussed management accounts with directors."

I then create invoices monthly using these hours logged.  I export the invoices to Xero, as I sometimes add in non-time elements such as software sales (including Flexitime monthly charges!)

After running an invoice batch, I have to go into each invoice and edit the charging line to add the description I want the client to see.  I open Flexitime on another browser tab and go into the timesheet entry (or multiple entries) to cut and paste the description back into the invoice.

After speaking with Sam in support I realise that there is a facility to add a detailed time report to invoices produced in Flexitime, but that doesn't suit me as I don't charge out using a simple hourly rate as a staffing agency would, for example.  

Each invoice is tailored to the client and value based - I don't necessarily want the client to see the hours spent.  However the narrative description of the work done is very important and I need that on the invoice.

I know that a lot of other professionals do practice value-based charging - accountants, lawyers, engineers and consultants, etc. - where the time spent is the starting point for invoicing but not the whole story.  Look at some typical lawyer's bills and you will see how much narrative they use!

How about the option of transferring the timesheet description into the invoice narrative???  That would be a great tool for this market sector.

A further option would be to either:  

  1. Show each time entry and description as a separate invoice line by date; or

  2. Keep the total time for an invoice period as a single invoice line (as happens now) and concatenate the descriptions into a single narrative.

Keep up the good work!

Jon Tyce

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Jon, you can now include [Time Description] as a merge token in the Invoice Line Narration of a Charge Type. As you suggested this will now appeand a list of descriptions from the time entries to the invoice line narration.

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Many thanks guys that's awesome!!  It works exactly as I wanted.

And fantastic to have a software company that actually responds to its customers!

Just one point:  [Time Description] didn't appear on the list of Merge Tokens, which threw me at first, but worked perfectly when I typed it in.

Thanks again!!

Jon Tyce 0 votes
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