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Public Holidays in Flexitime

Our business runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have some staff who work from 6pm through till 4am the next morning. When a public holiday occurs, we need a payroll system that recognises the hours worked on a public holiday. This may be split over 2 shifts. 

For example: Employee works Sunday 12th May 6pm till 4am on the morning of Monday 13th May. They then work again from 7pm on Monday 13th May till 6am on Tuesday 14th May. We need a system that recognises the 4 hours in the first shilft and the 5 hours in the second shift as being worked on a public holiday and hence at time and a half.

To achieve this currently, I would need to enter each shift as 2 separate shifts. This is timeconsuming.


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