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changes to invoicing

I would like to see the following changes to the invoicing module:

  1. Larger font used for the "work" being billed (i.e. the text to the right of the words "Transaction Summary").  When sending multiple bills to a client, they want to be able to tell at a quick glance which bill is for which project.  This is not obvious at the moment because the font size for the project name is too small, so the name of the project gets lost amongst all the other text.

  2. Ability to alter the order of the line items within the transaction summary part of the invoice (e.g. click and drag).  If click and drag functionality is too difficult to implement, it would be good to be able to set the invoicing up to order items in a particular way (e.g. could choose to order the line items by employee, or by the date of the work undertaken).

  3. Ability to change the number of decimal places displayed in the charge-out rate column.  When billing time, it looks odd to be displaying four decimal places.

Iain McManus - Civitas

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Hi Iain,

You can now change the font size in the text areas on invoice templates and invoice line narrations. The example below shows what you might put in the top text ara in an invoice template to show the work in a larger font, followed by the work description in the regular font size:

<font size="14">[Work Title]</font> 

[Work Description]

Please note there is currently a requirement for a space after </font> in order for the larger font to be turned off.

The sorting can now be done using one of the merge tokens at the start of the narration with appropriate sort text in that field. As discussed with you we will consider drag-and-drop sorting down the track, but wanted to get the order right during creation as much as possible for now.

The 2 d.p. rates will be changed in the next few days.

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