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Invoice Batch from Work Summary

To improve the ability to create invoices for specific work and leave other work in progress all for the creation of invoices from the Work Summary screen. The user selects the date range in Work Summary to view total work on all projects then checks the specific lines they want invoices created for.

Robert Owen

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I support this suggestion.  The work summary tab provides the most useful summary of time spent on each work package/project that I've found so far and it would be a lot easier and more efficient if we could generate invoices straight from this screen (e.g. via a tick box against each work/project), instead of having to generate invoices for all work being undertaken for a particular client, and then removing the invoices for those work packages that you don't want to bill that month. 

If this can't be created quickly, then as an interim measure, could we have a column for "work' list of invoices when an invoice batch is prepared?  At the moment, when you generate a batch of invoices for a client, the only way to see what work each invoice relates to, is to click edit for each invoice in the list.  This is time consuming and inefficient.

Iain McManus - Civitas 0 votes
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