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Certificate of Earnings

Change the CoE so that instead of a record for IRD it provides information on how much tax was owing/refund and how much has been paid in Kiwisaver, Student Load, Child Support, etc.

Robert Owen

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Instead of YTD Totals for My Account why not have -

Work Hours this Month

Average Work Hours per Month

Average Leave per Month

Leave to Work Ratio

Last Anniversary Date

Hours since Anniversary

Gross Earnings since Anniversary

Holiday Pay Accrued

Annual Leave Due

Sick Leave Available

Alternate Leave Available

Gross Earnings this Tax Year

Tax Paid

Estimated Earnings this Tax Year

Tax Based on Estimated Earnings

Tax Variance

Days in Last 12 Months

Hours in Last 12 Months

Average Hours per Day

Average Hourly Rate

Ordinary Hourly Rate

Average Daily Rate

Student Loan Paid

KiwiSaver Contributions

ACC Paid this Tax Year

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