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Billing name and Legal Name for clients need to be sorted out.

Currently the client billing name prints on the invoice as "Attn To: <billing_name>" and appears above the Client Name on the invoice. This field needs to revert to being called Attention To so it can be used to be enter a person's name if required. An additional field for Invoice Name needs to be added so that the client's legal name or required billing name appears on the invoice. This should also be be the field that posts to Xero. The current Client Name field is used as internal identifier/short name to distinguish branches, divisions etc. of larger entities and should have the option to appear as a secondary line on the invoice (check box?) and not post to Xero as this can change often which creates new contacts in Xero every time.

Jeff.Drum Completed

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This request has been implemented. When adding a client you can now enter a separate Billing Name, and name for the billing person has been renamed Attention To.

Robert Owen
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