Exporting FlexiTime Payroll information


FlexiTime Payroll will be discontinued on 28 February 2022. 


If you are upgrading to PayHero, you'll be able to access your FlexiTime pay history using Insights after FlexiTime is discontinued. 

If you're not upgrading to PayHero, or if you'd prefer to retain an offline copy of your FlexiTime pay history, you can export your employee, pay history and timesheet information from FlexiTime's Report Centre:

  1. Select Tools > Report Centre

  2. If you're prompted to load a dashboard, click Cancel

  3. Maximize a blank pod (if required - some companies may already have a pod maximised)

  4. Then click Load in the maximised pod

  5. Select [Folder Name] > [Report Name] and click Load (see below for recommended reports)

  6. Ensure the report contains the info you require, then click Export to create a .csv file.

Repeat the above steps for each report you require. At step 5, we recommend accessing the following reports (at minimum):

Employee Details - load Employee Reports > Employee List. This report defaults to currently active employees only. To include finished employees, open the Settings panel and select the Filters tab.  Remove the Active = Y filter from the bottom of this tab. Click Refresh then close the Settings panel and click Export

Pay Totals Extract- load Pay Reports > Pay Totals Extract.

Pay Details Extract - load Pay Reports > Pay Details Extract.

Timesheets - load Timesheet Reports > Time Export, then open the Settings pane and use the Date&Time tab to select the required date range (you may need to do this one year at a time if your account has a lot of data). Click Refresh then close the Settings panel and click Export


We recommend password protecting any spreadsheets of employee data you extract.


Important Note: Larger companies may find some reports can't load all data at once. For any reports that result in errors or struggle to load, you can use the Date & Time tab in the report settings to filter to smaller windows. For example, try downloading 1 year of history at a time. 

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