Transferring Pays to Xero


As at 30 November 2020, Xero will no longer accept payroll data sent from FlexiTime via their API. While we strongly recommend migrating to PayHero (see Upgrade from FlexiTime Payroll to PayHero) for those unable to complete this migration we have provided a process that allows payroll details to be transferred to Xero using a file export/import.

To export the relevant data from FlexiTime, open the Report Centre (from under Tools) and load the report Xero Export from the Pay Reports folder.

  1. Select Tools > Report Centre
  2. If you're prompted to load a dashboard, click Cancel
  3. Maximize a blank pod, then click Load
  4. Select Payroll Reports > Xero Export 
  5. Cick Export to create a .csv file
  6. If you'd like to save the report for next time, click Pin

By default this report will pick up any pays run in the last three days. If the pay you want is outside this time period, or if there are other pays in this period that you don't want to transfer you can change the date range by going to Settings and changing the date range on the Date & Time tab.

When you Export this report (you need to close the Settings panel to see the Export option) you will have a .csv file downloaded that you can import into Xero.

To import the file into Xero:

  1. In the Business menu, select Purchases overview.
  2. Click Import.
  3. Click Browse and select your saved CSV file.
  4. Click Import

If you're having trouble importing the file,  try opening it in a spreadsheet and check the formatting of the InvoiceDate and DueDate columns, Xero requires these dates to be DD/MM/YYYY or DD MMM YYYY  e.g. 10/12/2020 or 10 Dec 2020.

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