Exporting FlexiTime timesheets into your PayHero account


The FlexiTime to PayHero upgrade will copy all unpaid time entries across to your new PayHero account, ready for inclusion in your first PayHero pay.

There are some situations where you might need more of your FlexiTime timesheet history, particularly if your employees don't have a regular work pattern and you need their timesheet history to determine their Otherwise Working Days (OWDs).

 This is especially the case with a number of Public Holidays coming up, including Wellington Anniversary, Auckland Anniversary, and Waitangi Day! 

OWD calculations refer to timesheet history that falls within your Company Review Period, which you can find more information on here: Company Work Pattern

For example, the default Review Period in PayHero is eight weeks. A company with an eight week Review Period who migrate on the 17/01/2022 may need to import 6 weeks of timesheet history to fully inform their OWD calculations, in time for Waitangi Day. 

Whichever Review Period is selected by your company, you’ll want to make sure you have enough timesheet history to cover the entire period. For information on how to do so, refer to the steps below. 


Export time entries from FlexiTime

You can do that using FlexiTime's Report Centre

  1. Log on to your FlexiTime account 
  2. Select Tools > Report Centre
  3. If you're prompted to load a dashboard, click Cancel
  4. Maximize a blank pod, then click Settings
  5. Select Pod Type = Grid
  6. Enter Grid Title = Timesheet Export
  7. Select Table = Time
  8. Add Column > Employee Name
  9. Add Column > Work
  10. Add Column > Date
  11. Add Column > Start Time
  12. Add Column > End Time
  13. Add Column > Measure > Break Duration.  Set Decimal Places to 2
  14. Add Column > Units (optional,  only relevant if you're recording piecemeal work) 
  15. Use the Date&Time tab to select the date range that you need to export
  16. Click Refresh and check you're happy with the information
  17. Close the Settings pane and click Export to create a .csv file (or a .xls file if you're using the web browser)

Adjust the file format

Open your exported file in a spreadsheet and make the following changes so it matches PayHero's import file requirements:

  • Click on the Date column and change the format to to DD/MM/YYYY
  • Then save the file as a .csv file 

Import into PayHero

Import your timesheet file into your PayHero account. This article explains how to do that: PayHero Timesheet Imports


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