Droppah Time Clock


This article covers clocking in and managing timesheets with Droppah. For information on setting up and rostering with Droppah first, see this article: Rostering with Droppah


Time Clocks

To access the time clock click on Time Clocks in the Droppah navigation bar. If you have multiple teams, ensure you also have the appropriate Team selected in the navigation bar. You'll have the option to clock in, and see any employees who are currently clocked in. 



If you have a pin setup in your company settings you'll have a padlock available - tap it and enter your pin to lock Droppah and prevent employees navigating away from the Time Clocks tab. You can tap the red padlock again and enter your pin to unlock Droppah at any time. 



Clocking In

To clock in, an employee can simply tap the green Clock In button in the top left and select their name from the list displayed. 

The employee will then be prompted to take a photo of themselves to clock in. A preview of the photo will be displayed with the option of retaking another or using the existing photo.



While an employee is clocked in you can tap their icon on the Time Clock tab to view the details for their current shift, or add notes as needed. 



Taking a Break

When an employee goes on an unpaid break, such as lunch, they can tap on their photo from the Time Clock tab and press the Start Break pause button. Employees on breaks will display at the start of the list of clocked in employees with a yellow play icon over their image. 



Once their break is finished, the employee can simply tap on the play button on their photo to clock back in. This will log their unpaid break against the total time clocked in.

If an employee doesn't log a break during their shift, the Default Break Duration from the Skill they're working on will be used instead. 


Clocking Out

Employees currently clocked in will be shown on the Time Clocks page. To clock out, the employee can tap on their name/photo and tap the red Clock Out button.

This will prompt them to take another photo to finalise the time entry.


Clock History

Once your employees have clocked out you can view the details of their shifts on the Clock History tab. 



Click into a specific entry to see more detail of the clock times, breaks, and notes for the shift. A timeline will also display the original roster times, clock in and out times, and any break times. 




The timesheets tab shows an overview of time in Droppah. If you're using our PayHero Integration you'll also be able to use the Timesheets tab to approve time to send it to PayHero ready for payroll. 



You can click the hours for a day to add or edit time for that employee as needed. Click + Time on the left to add an additional time entry for the day, or adjust the times on the right to edit the existing time.  



You're also able to toggle the Timesheet view from the default Actual Timesheet Hours view (which shows actual clock entries and entered time) to:

Budgeted Roster Hours - The hours that were published in the roster. 

Budgeted Roster Cost - The cost of the published roster, based on the hours and each employee's cost per hour.

Actual Timesheet Cost - The actual cost of the recorded timesheet hours. 

Budget vs Actual Cost - The difference between the budgeted roster cost and the actual timesheet cost. 


You can click the chart at the bottom of the screen to view an expanded budget chart. Use the View filter to toggle which view you wish to see.



You can hover your mouse over the graph to view point in time information throughout the period, or use the slider at the bottom to narrow the period the total values are for. 

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