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This article covers the integration between Droppah & PayHero Payroll - click here for more info on setting up and rostering with Droppah.

Droppah integrates with PayHero, online payroll software for New Zealand businesses. PayHero allows you to easily pay employees and automatically send payroll transactions to Xero.

When Droppah is integrated with PayHero your employees, skills and teams can be synced from PayHero to Droppah, and you can send timesheets for each employee through to PayHero to manage NZ payroll processing.


Integrating with PayHero

To integrate with PayHero, go to Setting > Integrations. Select PayHero and press Connect.



A pop up will open, prompting you to enter your PayHero login details - ensure you're an administrator in PayHero and enter your login details. 



Once connected you'll be returned to the Integrations page - if the integration is correctly synced you will see a green light on the Integrations page for PayHero.


Syncing with PayHero

Once you've integrated with PayHero you can click Sync on the PayHero integration at any time to sync your employees, teams and work. 



Alternatively, you can select Sync PayHero Employees from the People tab.



It's a good idea to sync when:

  • You first integrate PayHero & Droppah
  • You have any new employees who have been added in PayHero, to bring them through to Droppah
  • You have employees whose pay rates have changed


When syncing PayHero, if you have any employees who haven't yet been synced to Droppah, you'll be given the option to tick Create Employees



When an employee is synced to Droppah their PayHero Teams, and any Work associated with those Teams, will also be synced to Droppah as Teams & Skills. 

Whenever new employees join your company it's best to set them up in PayHero and then sync them to Droppah. 



When you sync Droppah with PayHero with Create People ticked, we'll check whether any Employees in PayHero already exist in your Droppah account. If they have the exact same Display Name in Droppah and in PayHero, we'll automatically connect their records. If we don't find a match, we'll set them up for you.

Once connected, you'll be able to see the PayHero icon under People.



PayHero employees will have the following details brought through from PayHero each time you sync:

 PayHero  Droppah
 Name (First & Last)  Name (First & Last)
 Display Name  Display Name
 Phone  Phone
 Email  Email
 Address  Address
 Start Date  Employment Start Date
 Normal Rate  Cost Per Hour
 Approved Leave Requests  Unavailable Dates


Once synced to Droppah, each person should have their settings reviewed to ensure they're ready for rostering. In particular, ensure you:

  • Add the appropriate Skills to the person
  • Set their Max Hours Per Week, if applicable
  • Set their Week Availability, if applicable



Each time you sync your employees, any PayHero teams they belong to will be synced to your Droppah teams, with the following details brought through:

 PayHero  Droppah
 Team Name  Team Name
 Default Work  Default Skill
 Team Members  People



Any PayHero work included in your employees' PayHero teams will be synced to your Droppah skills, with the following details brought through from PayHero each time you sync:

 PayHero  Droppah
 Work Name  Skill Name
 Work Colour  Skill Colour
   PayHero Work 


Approving Timesheets for Payroll

Once your employees have finished clocking in and out for the week their time can be approved and sent to PayHero. 

Under Time Clocks > Timesheets, employees are grouped by Team, allowing you to easily send time for the correct employees in one go. Simply select the Team you wish to send time for from the navigation sidebar, then click Approve for Payroll.



A pop up will confirm the Team and dates you're approving:



Click Approve to confirm and send the time to PayHero.

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