IMPORTANT - Reconnect to IRD


IRD have undertaken a significant upgrade last weekend (October 17-18). Part of this upgrade requires that all companies re-consent for their software to file on their behalf. This is done as part of connecting to IRD from FlexiTime. Any pays you finalise will show an error as the IRD Status if you haven't reconnected.

To do this, go to Setup > Company Settings > Connect tab, and Disconnect from IRD Payday Filing:




You can then use the Authorise button to reconnect.

Any pays that have been finalised since Friday October 16 that show an Error status will need to be resent to IRD. The Resending Payday Returns section of this article shows how to do this.


Note: IRD having ongoing technical issues that may prevent you from connecting or PayHero from filing your pays resulting in pays with a Withheld status. We are waiting on IRD to resolve their issues. We will endeavour to send any outstanding pays at that point.

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