IMPORTANT - Reconnect to IRD


IRD undertook a significant upgrade on the weekend of October 17-18. Part of this upgrade required that all companies re-consent for their software to file on their behalf. This is done as part of connecting to IRD from FlexiTime. Any pays you finalise will show an error as the IRD Status if you haven't reconnected.

To do this, go to Setup > Company Settings > Connect tab, and Disconnect from IRD Payday Filing:




You can then use the Authorise button to reconnect.

Any pays that have been finalised since Friday October 16 that show an Error status will need to be resent to IRD. From the Options drop-down when you are viewing a finalise pay, choose Resend to IRD:

This will change the status of the pay back to Pending, and it will be sent through to the IRD a little later.

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