Mobile app now accessible via only


The FlexiTime Mobile App has been removed from the Google Play and Apple App Stores. To use the app you should go to in a web browser on the phone. If you already have the app installed it will continue to work.

There will be an option in the browser to save the page to the home screen on the phone. This way the app looks and behaves exactly the same way as an installed app. If using Chrome there is an Add to Home screen under the menu from the three dots in the top right. Using the latest version of Safari, click the Share button along the bottom (box with arrow) and one of the available options is Add to Home screen.

Making this change means we only need to support one version of the app.

Our new payroll software PayHero has a greatly improved mobile app that includes the ability to request leave and claim expenses with a photo of a receipt. Contact if you would like to know more about migrating from FlexiTime to PayHero.

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