IRD Preventing Payday Filing Amendments - Update 13/8/19


On Thursday 4 July, IRD stopped being able to process amendments made to returns. This means that whenever you finalise an employee from a pay, the pay will show an IRD Status of Error once that pay processes. IRD are working to resolve this issue that is related to a change they made on Wednesday night. When they resolve this, FlexiTime will send through any outstanding amendments.


Update 12/7/2019

IRD have corrected one issue so minor changes to pays are now going through and previous pays have been sent to IRD. However when all employees are reversed from a pay the amendment is still failing to be handled by IRD.

When the last employee is removed from a pay in FlexiTime the pay no longer shows so these errors are not apparent. We have followed this up with IRD and are awaiting resolution. We'll ensure these amendments get through when they can.


Update 13/8/2019

IRD have now corrected these issues and all outstanding amendments have been sent through.

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