Upgrade from FlexiTime Payroll to PayHero



For FlexiTime Payroll users interested in switching over to PayHero, we offer a migration service to quickly and easily transfer your account. Hit the ground running in PayHero with your employees, pay history and work all setup and ready to go.

If you're logged into FlexiTime Payroll with the ADMIN username, you'll see a Upgrade to PayHero button. If you can't yet see this button in your account, simply email support@payhero.co.nz and let us know your FlexiTime Payroll Company Code and we can enable it for you.


To copy your details to PayHero simply click the Upgrade to PayHero button and follow the prompts to confirm the migration.


Before the Migration

Before migrating it's a good idea to understand how your new PayHero account will be set up, and how your data will be converted to suit PayHero. Please ensure you read through the following details carefully.


Account Details - PayHero & FlexiTime Payroll

The migration will create a new PayHero account with a company code matching your current FlexiTime Payroll company code.

Existing PayHero Company If an account already exists with a matching company code, we'll check whether that account is associated with your FlexiTime Payroll Contact Email address. If so, we'll overwrite the PayHero account and populate it with the migrated details from your FlexiTime Payroll account. If the emails don't match, we'll create a separate PayHero company instead.



Your user access for the PayHero account owner will be set up with the following login details:

Username - FlexiTime Payroll Contact Email (found in your FlexiTime Company Settings).

Password - Current password associated with the FlexiTime Payroll username 'Admin'.

It's vital you know these details before the transfer takes place so you're able to login to your new PayHero account.

Your new account will begin with a free 14 day trial - see our support article for additional information on Managing Your Subscription.


Leave Balances

Annual Leave balances in FlexiTime Payroll are kept in hours whereas in PayHero we've moved to storing this balance in weeks (as well as hours and days, where known) for increased compliance with the Holidays Act. The FlexiTime Payroll balance will be converted into weeks using the Normal Hours Per Week set for each employee. 

If no normal hours are set for the employee, the conversion will be calculated using the average Hours per Week from their last 8 weeks of pays in FlexiTime Payroll.


Re-Migration of an Account

If required, you can process another migration to PayHero from the same FlexiTime Payroll account but there are some important aspects to note before doing so.

The re-migration process will completely overwrite your PayHero account and repopulate it with the details from FlexiTime Payroll at the time of re-migration. Any changes you've made in PayHero since the initial migration won't be saved.

This means if you've adjusted any company settings, entered any time, changed any employee details, or invited any users in PayHero you'll need to redo these afterwards.


After the Migration

Once the migration is complete we recommend you go through your PayHero account and double check the settings on your employees to ensure everything has been set up correctly. 

Our article on Getting Started After Your FlexiTime Payroll Migration provides a guide on the important aspects to review and some of the exciting new features in PayHero that'll help get you up and running again in no time.


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