Account Migration - FlexiTime to PayHero




For FlexiTime users interested in switching over to PayHero, we offer a migration service to transfer your account. Hit the ground running in PayHero with your employees, pay history and work all setup and ready to go.

Simply email and let us know your FlexiTime Company Code and we'll get your account all setup for you.


Before the Migration

Before migrating it's a good idea to understand how your new PayHero account will be setup, and how your data will be converted to suit PayHero. Make sure you read through the following details carefully.



Your user access as the PayHero account owner will be set up with the following login details:

Username - FlexiTime Contact Email (found in your FlexiTime Company Settings).

Password - Current password associated with the FlexiTime username 'Admin'.

Ensure you know these details before the transfer takes place so that you're able to login to your new PayHero account.

Your new account will begin with a free 14 day trial - see our support article for additional information on Managing Your Subscription.



The migration will create a new PayHero account with a matching company code to your current FlexiTime company code.

Important: If an account already exists with a matching company code, we'll check whether that account is associated with your FlexiTime Contact Email address. If so, we'll override the settings and employees in that account with the details from your FlexiTime account. If not, we'll create a separate company instead.

After the Migration

Once the migration is complete we recommend you double check your PayHero account setup and the settings on your employees to ensure everything is set up correctly. It can also be a great idea to run one last pay in FlexiTime and replicate it in PayHero, so that you can check it all populates as you expect.

Any changes made in either PayHero or FlexiTime after the migration has happened will not influence the other software, so feel free to test out PayHero without worrying about your FlexiTime account being affected.

In particular, some settings you'll need to add or check on are outlined below.



The migration will copy across all of your FlexiTime employees, active and finished. This includes their Work Patterns, Leave balances, Default Pay and Pay History.

Work Pattern - The Work Pattern in PayHero is very important for accurately determining your employees' leave entitlements. This will be brought over from FlexiTime based on the Normal Hours per Week that are set on the employee's Leave tab, and the Hours per Day and Days per Week that are set on their Employment tab.

The more detail available in the Work Pattern the better, so it's a good idea to review these in PayHero and add any extra info you might have.

Holiday Pay - Employee Holiday pay balances will be transferred over. If the employee has the Holiday Pay pay code in their Default Pay in FlexiTime they'll be setup on Holiday Pay As You Go in PayHero.

Annual Leave - The Annual Leave balance in FlexiTime is kept in hours whereas PayHero uses weeks for increased Holiday Act compliance. This FlexiTime balance will be converted into weeks using the Normal Hours Per Week set for that employee.

Important: If the employee has no normal hours per week this balance will be reset to zero and you will need to enter a balance of Current Leave Due in weeks.

Default Pay - Pay Codes from your employees' Default Pays will also be added to their Default Pay tab in PayHero. The only exception is if you've created a new custom pay code and it hasn't yet been included in any pay runs; if that's the case, you'll need to add that Pay Item into PayHero.

Pay History - Pay History for employees will be copied directly across from FlexiTime into PayHero. This can be viewed for each employee under Employee > Pay History. Learn more about the Pay History here.


Pay Cycles

Pay Cycles are a new feature in PayHero - they allow you to group your employees who are paid at the same time into a Pay Cycle for a set period. These will be created for you based on the Pay Frequency of any FlexiTime pays that have been run in the last 5 weeks. If there haven't been any pays in that window a pay cycle will be created based on your most recent FlexiTime pay.

The following pay frequencies will be accepted: Weekly, Fortnightly, Four Weekly & Monthly.


Leave Requests

Only pending unpaid requests will be copied to PayHero from FlexiTime. Any approved leave requests that haven't yet been paid will need to be re-requested by your employees in PayHero, or you can add them from the Leave tab.



All unpaid time entries in FlexiTime will be copied across to PayHero. If you have any paid time entries you'd like to add to PayHero you'll need to do so manually, through either the Time Summary or the Timesheet section of PayHero.


Pay Items

Your new PayHero account will include all of the default Pay Items (in FlexiTime these are called Pay Codes) and any of the custom Pay Items you have previously set up in FlexiTime will be re-created in PayHero. The only exceptions are any custom Pay Items that have never been included in a pay run in FlexiTime.

There may be some slight differences in these Pay Items as a result of the migration and as with everything else we recommend double checking the settings are correct before running pays.


Payday Filing

If you've set up Payday Filing in FlexiTime you'll need to disconnect FlexiTime from the IRD before you begin running Payday Filing in PayHero. After the initial migration you may want to run a couple of pays in PayHero along side FlexiTime - during this time it's fine to leave FlexiTime connected to the IRD for Payday filing but once you are ready to process your first 'live' pay in PayHero, you'll need to swap connections over.

FlexiTime - To disconnect your IRD account from FlexiTime first go into Setup > Company Settings > Connect and next to 'IRD Payday Filing' select Disconnect.

PayHero - To connect PayHero to your IRD account you can view our support guide on Inland Revenue Integration.


Parental Leave

If you have employees on Parental leave you'll need to make some adjustments in PayHero to reflect that. First, under the Leave area add a Parental Leave request for the Parental Leave period.

If they've crossed a leave anniversary since they've been on Parental Leave you should add the total leave that became due to them (usually 4 weeks) to the Annual Leave Fallen Due field in the Parental Leave section of the employee's Leave tab. Note that this area of the Leave tab will only appear once a Parental Leave leave request is in place.

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