Unauthorised Delegation errors for new companies starting payday filing.


IRD have recently made a change to their systems that means only the main myIR login for a company can do the first payday filing for it. Until IRD resolve this issue you should use the main company myIR login to authorise payday filing from FlexiTime. 

We're putting pressure on IRD to get this reverted so that any myIR login with the appropriate permissions can authorise. 

Any companies that have previously connected and successfully sent pays to IRD will be fine. It is only companies starting out with payday filing that will be affected.


Update 5 March 2019. IRD have applied an urgent fix overnight that should correct this problem. Anyone who has run their first payday filing pay in the first few days of March should check to see if it has gone through successfully by looking at the IRD Status column under pay history. If this is showing an error, please try resending it to IRD (using this action under the Options menu when viewing the pay).

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