Unauthorised Delegation Issues Resolved.


We now have the full picture from IRD around what caused the Unauthorised Delegation errors.

On the night of Feb 28, IRD made a change to roll out the new Payroll Returns section under My Business to all companies who had not yet started to do payday filing.

This had the unintended side effect of removing payday filing permissions for all users who had not yet done payday filing. Any companies running pays between Friday Feb 1 and Monday Feb 4 who had signed up for payday filing during February had the payday return rejected with the Unauthorised Delegation error.

IRD put in an urgent fix on the evening of Monday, Feb 4. This allowed companies who had authorised using the 'owner' myIR to now send their returns to IRD.

If using a different myIR login to connect FlexiTime to IRD you need to ensure that login has the correct permissions. This article has more information on how to set this up.

If you have encountered this issue you will have received an email from FlexiTime regarding the Unauthorised Delegation error. You should view the March pay and choose Resend to IRD from under the Options menu. If the pay is still showing an error then please review this article for other reasons for why you may be getting an Unauthorised Delegation error.

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