Setting IRD Permissions to Allow Payday Filing


On March 1 2019 IRD made a change that can prevent users who could previously file payroll returns from being able to do payday filing. Any company starting with payday filing from March 2019 onwards needs to ensure that the myIR login used to authorise IRD access from FlexiTime has Full Access to Payroll Returns. If the myIR login used was not the 'owner' of the company then the myIR owner will need to do the following:

  1. Log on to myIR using the owner login.
  2. Go to My Business
  3. Click on Payroll Returns >
  4. Click on the Logons tab
  5. Click the Add or Remove button
  6. Chose Grant access against the myIR login you want to have access
  7. Set Account permissions to either Full account access or File and Save.
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