Employee Conversion Service


There are several ways you can load your own employees into FlexiTime - you can learn more here about the various no-cost DIY options available.

But if you'd prefer to have your employees setup for you, one of our friendly bookkeepers will be happy to help. Pricing for the Employee Conversion Service depends on the service level you're interested in, starting at just $200 + GST for 10 or fewer employees.

Please note that the Employee Conversion Service may need to be booked as much as 2-3 weeks in advance, so email support@flexitime.co.nz to get started.



Employee Pay History

Import of the 12 month employee pay history (included in the Plus and Max service levels) ensures FlexiTime is able to calculate your employees' leave pay rates. The pay history import is particularly recommended if staff receive bonuses or have very irregular work patterns - you can learn more about the key benefits of importing pay history here

Where your existing system permits we will extract the pay history and import it to FlexiTime for you, or otherwise we will provide a pay history sheet for your input. 



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