Xero Integration for Billing


FlexiTime will no longer integrate with Xero from 28 February 2021. If you'd like to continue sending payroll invoices to Xero, we recommend upgrading to PayHero. Please contact support if you need any further information.


FlexiTime integrates with Xero, an online accounting system designed for small businesses and their accountants.

By integrating FlexiTime with Xero you can:

  • automatically create draft accounts payable invoices in Xero for Payroll transactions
  • automatically create draft accounts receivable invoices in Xero for Billing invoices
  • assign Payroll and Billing costs to Xero Tracking Categories. 
  • import your Xero contacts to create clients in FlexiTime

For more information about Xero, see the Xero website.

This article explains how to integration your FlexiTime account to Xero.   


Billing Account Codes

If you have changed the default account codes in Xero's Chart of Accounts you will need to set these up in FlexiTime so that invoice lines are posted to the correct accounts.    You can use the Setup > Charge Types screen to specify the Xero account to be used.  


Set Up Tracking Categories

(Optional) FlexiTime can send tracking categories through to Xero if you use them. Please see this article for more information. 


Import Xero Clients into FlexiTime

You can import your clients from Xero into FlexiTime.  

Go to Setup > Clients. If your company is linked to a Xero account, the Import Xero Customers option will be available.


Click Import Xero Customers.  A warning message will be displayed. 



Click Yes to automatically import your clients from Xero. Changes to Client records in Xero will update any existing records in FlexiTime for the same client. Changes made in Client records in FlexiTime will be sent to Xero when invoices are sent to Xero on finalising an invoice.


Billing Invoices

FlexiTime can export a copy of Billing invoices into Xero. You must be authorised with Xero in your FlexiTime Company Setup, and the appropriate Xero Account Code must be entered on the Charge Types associated with the Work used in this invoice. When the invoice is finalised in FlexiTime, a corresponding draft accounts receivable invoice will be automatically created in Xero.

To send an invoice to Xero, open the Actions pane on the Billing screen.



 Select the invoice(s) required and tick Create Xero Invoices.



Click OK and your invoices will be sent to Xero.


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