Payday Filing Setup


When you sign up for payday filing you need to consider the timing:


* Instructions for resending are here

To set up payday filing, all you need to do is authorise with IRD from your FlexiTime account. Log in to FlexiTime with the Admin username then go to Setup > Company Settings > Connect. Click on the Authorise button against Payday Filing:



This will take you to the myIR login page. Use the myIR login that is associated with this company:




The first time you authenticate with FlexiTime you will also need to give consent for FlexiTime to do PAYE filing on your behalf.



Note that once you have authorised your company for payday filing,  IRD might not let you revert back to monthly filing.   You will need to contact IRD to discuss this. 


More Than One myIR Login?

If you have more than one FlexiTime company to authorise for payday filing,  there is an extra step between authorising each company. The first company you authorise will be fine, but if you immediately authorise a second company, IRD may automatically log you in to first company. This will mean that the filing will fail when FlexiTime attempts to send a return for the second company to the myIR account of the first company.

To fix that, after you authorise the first company, log directly into MyIR with the first company's ID and then log off. Then when you authorise the second company the IRD login page should be displayed so you can log into the second myIR account.


Permissions for Payroll Bureaus

If you are set up as a payroll bureau who files returns on behalf of your clients, you may need to get your client to increase your permissions in their myIR account in order to do payday filing through FlexiTime. This video shows how to request additional access. Below shows the access required to do payday filing:

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