Court Fines


The Ministry of Justice may send you a notice requiring you to deduct payments from an employee’s wage to pay Department of Courts fines arrears.  The Courts section of this article explains how to set this up. 

Court fines are included in the Banking Employee Batch and Banking Payments Batch files to ensure that you can make the payment to the court on the same day that you pay your employees.   They will also show on the Payment Summary section of the Pay Summary report. 

Don't add the Courts pay code directly to the employee's Default Pay tab,   as this will mean that the payment to the court will not have the correct bank references and the court might not be able to identify the employee who is making the payment.   Always use the Pay Deductions > Courts tab.

To remove courts deductions,  just go to the Pay Deductions > Courts tab and clear out all four fields.  Then select the employee's Default Pay tab and remove the Courts pay code. 

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