FlexiTime Release - April 15, 2018. Payday Filing


This release allows companies to elect to do payday filing with IRD. We will be gradually introducing selected customers to payday filing throughout May. For most of our customers we recommend waiting until 1 June. For more information see this support article.

Some other changes that will benefit all companies were introduced in this release.

IRD number validation has been added. IRD numbers include a checksum to ensure that any 8 or 9 digit IRD number can be validated by analysing the digits. We are now making use of this and will prevent the entry of invalid IRD numbers. If you're unsure of an employee's IRD number, leave it blank. 

You can now specify certain actions to take immediately when a pay is finalised. Under Setup > Company Settings > Pays there are now the following options:

Downloading a bank batch file will happen automatically when ticked, and you can choose whether or not to include IRD payments in that file.

If you tick Email Payment Summary, a report showing the bank payments required will be emailed to the Contact email address.


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