Leave Requests for Managers


Adding Leave Requests

To submit a Leave Request for yourself or one of your employees in FlexiTime, navigate to the Timesheets and click Request Leave.

If you’re an Administrator, or if you’ve been set up as your own Manager, you’ll have an Add Leave button instead.

Select the Employee the Leave Request is for, the Leave Type that you wish to request, and the From and To date for the request - these should be the first and last days of the period that won’t be worked. You can also add notes about the Leave in the Details section if you wish.


You can also request part days of leave. Part days can only be selected when the request is for a single day (i.e. the From and To dates are the same). To add a request for, say, three and a half days, simply enter an initial request for three days and then a second request for the half day.

When entering a Part Day you can enter any decimal less than 1, so you can enter .75 for three quarters of a day.

As you enter the Leave Request, FlexiTime will display the leave that is currently available to the selected employee, and wherever possible it will attempt to estimate how much leave will remain on their return. It will also display a list of other employees taking leave at the same time, so you can ensure your key roles are covered at all times.

Once you’ve completed the Leave Request, click the green Approve button to submit the approved Leave Request.

If you’re a manager submitting a Leave Request for yourself, and you’re not set up to approve your own leave, the Approve button will be a Request button instead. Clicking Request will submit your request to your managers. Provided you have a valid email address set up in FlexiTime, you’ll receive an email notification once your Leave Request is approved or declined.


Approving Leave Requests

If your employees are setup to submit their own Leave Requests, you’ll receive an email with the details of the request and an Approve or Decline button. Details included will be the employee's current leave balances, estimates of their balances after they return from taking leave (where possible), and the names of other employees taking leave at the same time.

Simply review the details and click the appropriate button to approve or decline the Leave Request right from your inbox. You’ll be directed to a webpage confirming whether the approval was successful.

You can manage the email address you receive payslips, rosters, and Leave Request notifications to under Tools > My Account.


Deleting an Approved Request

If the leave request has not been included in any of the employee's pays,  then the administrator or manager can double-click it to view and then Decline it.

If the leave request has been paid,  or partially paid,  it can't be declined.  Instead you can either edit the leave request and change the To date to the last day that was paid,  or reverse the employee's pay(s) then decline the request. 


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