Employee Leave & Timesheets


When an employee takes leave, there are two ways to enter their leave into the Timesheets. The first is Leave Requests, however there are some situations where it may be quicker, easier, and more accurate to simply enter the leave as normal time entries instead.

To do so, simply navigate to the Timesheets, and click Record Time.


Select the employee, set the Work dropdown to Employee Leave, and in the Category dropdown select the appropriate type of leave.


Finally, set the hours the employee is taking as leave. If they’re taking a full day of leave, you would generally use their normal hours of work.


Bereavement, Alternative, Public Holiday and Sick Leave

If an employee takes one of these types of leave, and you’re not sure how many hours the employee would usually work that day, then the Average Daily Pay may be used instead. To do so, enter a leave entry in the Timesheets as above. You can set the hours to anything roughly representative of a day’s leave, as this time entry is just a placeholder to show they were on leave.

When you create the pay run, you will then be able to edit the pay line for that leave type, and click the ‘Average Daily Pay’ button to have FlexiTime calculate the average hours and rate for a day’s work.


Part Days of Alternative or Sick Leave

Entering a time entry for Alternative or Sick Leave will result in a full day’s leave being deducted from the employee’s balances, no matter how many hours are entered. If your business allows employees to take part days of Alternative and Sick Leave, then you will need to adjust this when you run the pay.

To do so, edit the pay line for the leave, and set the Days field to the value it should be deducted as.

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