Leave Requests for Employees


You can request leave by logging on to FlexiTime or the Time Portal.

To submit a Leave Request in FlexiTime, navigate to the Timesheets and click Request Leave.


Select the Leave Type that you wish to request, and the From and To date for the request - these should be the first and last days of the period that you won’t be available to work. You can also add notes for your manager in the Details section if you wish.


You can also request part days of leave. Part days can only be selected when the request is for a single day (i.e. the From and To dates are the same). To add a request for, say, three and a half days, simply enter an initial request for three days and then a second request for the half day.

When entering a Part Day you can enter any decimal less than 1, so you can enter .75 for three quarters of a day.


As you enter your request, FlexiTime will display the leave you currently have available, and wherever possible it will attempt to estimate how much leave you’ll have left on your return.

Once you’ve completed the Leave Request, click the green Request button to submit your request to your managers. Provided you have a valid email address set up in FlexiTime, you’ll receive an email notification once your Leave Request is approved or declined.

If your manager declines your leave request,  the request will show on your timesheet view until you double-click on it and delete it. 

You can manage the email address you receive payslips, rosters, and Leave Request notifications to under Tools > My Account.

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