FlexiTime Release November 30


This release contains the following changes:


Substitutes Salary Hours

There is a new tick box for Gross Earnings pay codes called Substitutes Salary Hours:



When a salaried employee's timesheets are against work linked to this pay code, the timesheet entry won't be ignored as is usually the case for salaried employees. Instead, an extra pay line will be included and the salary pay line will be reduced by the number of hours from the timesheets.

This has always been the case with leave pay codes, but this feature allows you to apply this to your own leave types. For example, 8 hours of Birthday Leave in timesheets will result in the salary line being reduced by 8 hours and a separate line for 8 hours of Birthday Leave added in.

This feature also simplifies the processing of public holidays for salaried employees. Our previous recommendation for salaried employees was to have a special work category that paid salaried employees an extra half time. With this change any time entered against work that has Time and a Half set up as the public holiday pay code will automatically pay the employee the extra rate and reduce the salary by a commensurate amount. No special pay code or work category are now required.

As part of the release all of the standard Time and a Half and Double Time pay codes have Substitutes Salary Hours turned on. If you have any of your own variations on these pay codes then you should update these and set this flag on as well.

This will also allow you to apportion some of your salary costs to different cost centres. If you have specific cost centres you want some salaried time to be posted to, set up a pay code for that cost centre with Substitutes Salary Hours ticked. Link this to work and get your salaried employees to record time against that work. Those hours will be split out in their pay and will post to the different cost centre in your finance system.


Leave Requests

Leave requests are now available for all companies. The following articles will help you get up to speed with how Leave Requests work:

Leave Requests Overview

Leave Requests & Payroll

To enable leave request do the following:

  1. Go to Setup > Work
  2. In the top right, tick Show Closed Work
  3. Edit the Leave Request Work
  4. Take the tick off Closed and save the work. 

If the Add Leave button is not showing under timesheets you may need to log out and back in again.


KiwiSaver Employer Contributions now split by Xero Tracking Categories on Employees

This change applies to Xero users with Xero tracking categories set on FlexiTime employees. Prior to this release, no Xero Tracking Categories were sent with KiwiSaver Employer Contributions. Now the KiwiSaver Employer Contributions will be split between the employee tracking categories.



The length of department field on employees has now been extended allowing longer department names to be entered.


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