FlexiTime for Temps and Contractors


If you're employed via a recruitment company that uses FlexiTime, you will have been given a login to FlexiTime so you can enter your timesheets. 

While this article describes how to record time via FlexiTime on a desktop PC, you can also use the FlexiTime Mobile App. However, if you've been emailed a link to create your own password, do note that you'll need to create your password on a PC before you can use the Mobile App.


Recording Time

Your recruitment company probably has a link on their website from which you can access FlexiTime. Once you have logged in you can easily record your time by pressing the blue Record Time button. 

After recording a time entry you can adjust, move or copy the time entry around the Timesheets. Dragging the time block will move it to a different time. Dragging from either end will adjust the start or end time. 

Copying time entries is a great way to quickly create a time entry on a new day. To do this, hold down the Control key (or Command on a Mac) when dragging the block and a new entry will be created.

To delete a time entry, just double click to see the details and use the Delete button.

The following videos show how to perform these actions:

Creating & Editing Time Entries

Moving & Copying Time Entries


Requesting Approval

Once your Timesheet has been completed for a week you will need to request approval from your manager. This is done on the Summary tab:


Review the daily hours and then press the green Request Approval button in the top right. This will email your Timesheet to your manager for approval.

If your recruitment company has asked you to request approval up to the end of a month that falls mid week, you'll just need to ensure that the end date for the approval is the last day of the month:


If you need to adjust your time after the approval has been sent but before the time has been approved you can do this, but you will need to resend the approval request. If the time has already been approved you will be unable to change the time entries and you will need to contact your recruitment company's administrator to get the approval revoked.


Buyer Created Invoices

GST registered contractors may have an arrangement with their recruitment company to download their 'buyer created' invoices from FlexiTime. To do this go to Tools > My Account and the Pay Records tab. View the period for the invoice you want to download, then press the blue Print button. This will download a pdf copy of your invoice that you can save for your own records.

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