Long Service Leave


FlexiTime includes a Long Service Leave (LSL) pay code which can be used to allocate a specific number of hours LSL to an employee. 

To allocate Long Service Leave to an employee,    edit the employee and select their Default Pay tab.   Add the Long Service Leave pay code,  then edit the pay code. 

Enter the outstanding leave balance in hours should be entered as a negative value. In the example below, the employee has 12 hours of LSL available.  


When the LSL is taken,   it will be entered into the pay as a positive amount which will be reduce the negative balance on the employee's LSL pay code settings.

Whenever an employee has additional Long Service Leave allocated, the additional leave hours should be deducted from any remaining balance, which will take the balance further into the negative. 

To record an employee taking Long Service Leave,  you can add Long Service Leave as a new category on the Employee Leave work,   making sure that you select the Long Service Leave pay code on the work category.  Then the employee can enter a time entry for Employee Leave > Long Service Leave,  and it will be added to their next pay.  Alternatively the payroll administrator can just add the Long Service Leave pay code directly to the employee's pay. 

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