Importing Time from Menumate


If you're using the Menumate system to clock employees in and out, you can import your time entries from Menumate into FlexiTime.

The standard payroll export from Menumate does not contain sufficient data to do Holidays Act compliant payroll processing. However if you export the Pay Worksheet (Menumate office > reports > financial > wages) then this can be imported into FlexiTime with only minor changes.

It's easiest to use the Units Import rather than the Time Import in FlexiTime. That way you don't need to load up the start and end times (unless these would be of use to you in FlexiTime for reporting).

To import the file you first need to open it and change the column headings so FlexiTime can recognise the data. Name is changed to EmployeeDepartment to Work, Hours Worked will be Quantity. Ensure the name in the Employee column matches the Display Name for the employees in FlexiTime.

You'll then need to format the Login_Datetime as a Date only (without the time), and rename this column to Date

You can then use the FlexiTime import under Tools > Import > Units Import to load the data into FlexiTime.


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