SHiFT Release - February 5, 2016


We’re stoked to announce the release of a beautiful new update to our SHiFT photo timeclock app. As well as overhauling the user interface, we’ve added some great new features for employers and employees.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Employees can view their roster for the week

  • Set tasks for individual employees to complete

  • Take a break without having to clock out and back in

  • Time bar shows the progress of a shift against the rostered time

  • Clock in and out on different devices

  • Edit time entries and change settings with a manager passcode

  • Dropbox integration means you can view live clock in and out photos online from wherever you are

  • The app now supports landscape view, so if you’re using the same device for your POS or whatnot, you don’t need to twist your head to take photos.

The new iPad version is now available to download (or update) from the App store.

A couple of users have reported some glitches after the application is automatically updated. If this happens, do a full restart of the iPad.

All the clock in/out history from before the upgrade is retained, however photos from before the update are not kept.

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