Invoice Settings


You can manage your invoice templates and basic settings from Setup > Company Settings > Invoices.

Note that the Invoices tab will only be visible if your subscription includes the Billing package. 



Invoice Number Prefix

Enter an optional prefix for the invoice numbers created by FlexiTime. This can be alphabetic, numeric or a combination.

Next Invoice Number

New invoices will be generated with sequential numbers, starting from the number shown here. It is common to start invoices from a number other than 1 to differentiate from invoices generated in other systems, e.g. using 30000 to differentiate from past invoices that were in the 20000 range.

Exclude Approvals in Time Report

You can print a Time Report from the Billing tab to accompany invoices. Details of time approvals will be included in this report by default, but you can select this option if you do not want approvals to show on the report.

Invoice Templates and Payment Terms

Please see this article.


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