Timesheet Settings


Settings for controlling the behaviour of your Timesheets can be accessed from Setup > Company Settings > Timesheets.



Time Requires Approval

Specifies whether employee Timesheets require approval by a manager. If this field is checked then unapproved time entries will not be included in pays created for the period to which the time relates. The payroll user will be given a warning if time has been excluded from a pay run.

Start of Week

This will be the first day of the week shown on the timesheet entry grid.  FlexiTime defaults to a Monday - Sunday week, but you can change this to suit your business. We recommend that you align this with your pay cycle.

Default Work

When using the SHiFT iPad app, any clocked time that doesn't find a matching roster entry or default work on the employees will be put against this Work. New employees will also have this set as their default work.

FlexiTime Shift photo timeclock has been discontinued.

Record Hours Only

If you want to record the hours an employee works from day to day but aren't concerned with the specific start and end times, turning this option on can make timesheet entry faster. Instead of entering one day at a time you can enter a week's worth of time. Turning this on will mean you cannot use the graphical timesheets or rosters.

Template Time Format

When you load a roster template for a week, this setting determines whether the timesheet entries are loaded as rostered time entries (that won't be paid by default) or worked time entries.

FlexiTime Rostering has been discontinued.

Timesheet Snap To Grid

When moving, copying or resizing time entries using a mouse drag in the timesheet screen, the time entry will be snapped to the nearest time based on this setting. When creating new time entries the Start Time, End Time and Break Duration dropdown lists will be in increments of this value.

Reminder Buffer

This is used for employee shift reminders. If a future dated time entry in the Timesheets has Include Alert ticked on it, this setting is used to determine how far in advance of the start time a reminder email will be sent to the employee.

FlexiTime Shift has been discontinued.

Allow Overlapping Time

This setting determines whether a user is able to create a new time entry using the 'Record Time' button or some import facilities if that time overlaps with a pre-existing time entry. Note that any system generated time entries (e.g. SHiFT timeclock entries and recurring time entries) will still be created even if they overlap with others, but will display a red warning flag. 

Allow Zero Duration Time

Determines whether users can add time entries with a net duration of 0 to their Timesheets.

Use Timesheet Work Pattern

Allows you to set a rule of thumb for FlexiTime to determine Otherwise Working Days from historic Timesheet entries for employees without regular work patterns. Please refer to this article for more information.


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