Payslip Settings


Settings for controlling the look of your payslips and the email that accompanies them can be accessed from Setup > Company Settings > Pays.



Email Subject 

and Email Body

When payslips are emailed to your employees, these fields dictate how the email will appear. The body of your email can be formatted using basic HTML tags - please see this article for more information.


Use these tickboxes to select which leave balances are to appear on the payslips. For annual leave balances, we recommend showing Annual Leave Available.  Annual Leave Available is equal to Annual Leave Due plus any Annual Leave accrued that the employee is not yet entitled, represented by the Holiday Pay. Showing all three of these fields can be confusing for employees.

Show YTD Totals

Select if you want year to date totals for each line to be shown on the payslip.

Show Jobs

If ticked, the pay lines for hours recorded against jobs will be split out by job. The job summary will appear on the payslips alongside the pay code description. Please note that this setting only affects hours paid at employee pay rates - if your employees are paid job-based pay rates then hours will be split out by job regardless of this setting.

Annual Leave Rate   Defaults To

Set whether you would like FlexiTime to automatically default to the employee's highest leave rate when paying Annual Leave, or if you would like FlexiTime to simply use the Employee's Normal Rate (in which case you will be able to select the highest rate manually if applicable). If you select the latter, you will receive a pay Warning if an employee with Annual Leave that was brought into the pay run from their Timesheets has a higher Average or Ordinary Rate.



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