End of Year Annual Leave


New Zealand tax legislation allows employers to claim any Annual Leave paid out within 63 days of the end of financial year as a deduction in that year.       

First,  use the Leave Accrual Report to get the Holiday Pay and Annual Leave totals as at 31 March. Go to Payroll > Reports > Leave Reports > Leave Accrual Report and select 31/3/<year>. The Total Holiday Pay Due plus Total Annual Leave Due is the balance of outstanding leave as at the end of the financial year.

Then use the Report Centre (Tools > Report Centre) to get the total Annual Leave paid out during the 63 day period. To do so:

  • Maximise a blank pod and click Load in the top left corner. Open the Pay Reports folder, then load the Employee Pay by Pay Code report.
  • Click Settings in the top left to open the Settings pane.
  • On the Date/Time tab select the pay date range you need (1 April - 2 June)
  • On the Filters tab, open the Pay Code Description folder, select the leave types you wish to include, and click Add Filters
  • Click Refresh in the top left to see a report of any pays within that date range which paid out annual leave.
  • You can then close out of the Settings pane and click Export to download a spreadsheet compatible copy of the report.


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