Employee missing from Bank file


If you have paid an employee but their payment has not been included in the Banking batch file, you should run the Pay Summary report for the pay date (Payroll > Reports > Pay Reports), and check the Payment Summary section.  

If the employee is not included in the Payment Summary section, then it is likely that there is no Payments pay code on the pay.    

The Payments pay code is usually Direct Credit (DC) and is used to show the net payment to be made to the employee. When you add an employee,  the DC pay code is automatically added to the employee's Default Pay tab and it should not be changed or deleted.   When you create a pay for the employee,  all the pay codes on their Default Pay tab will be added to the pay, including the DC pay code. If the DC pay code is missing from the pay,  it has either been removed from the pay or removed from the employee's Default Pay tab.  FlexiTime will display a warning message when the employee's pay is viewed or edited. 

To correct this ensure the Direct Credit pay code is included on the employee's Default Pay tab with Default Quantity set to 1 and Default Rate to 0. You should then reverse the employee out of the pay, and create their pay again. 

If the employee is included in the Payment Summary section, check to see if their bank account details are listed. If there is no bank account shown for the employee payment, this means that the employee's bank account was not set on their Employment tab when the pay was created. FlexiTime saves the employee's bank details when the pay is created and uses these details in the Bank file.  If you change the employee's bank details after the pay has been created, the bank account details on the pay are not updated. This enables FlexiTime to maintain an audit of payments to employee bank accounts. 


To correct this, you should update the employee record to include their bank account details, and then either create a manual bank transfer to pay the employee, or reverse the employee's pay and create a new pay and a new bank file. 

 The Pay Summary report can be run before a pay is finalised,  so you can check that all payments are correct and make any adjustments before you finalise the pay. 

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