Downloading Files Using Safari


If your Mac is running Apple's latest operating system (El Capitan) you may find that Safari hangs when you try to download files from FlexiTime (e.g bank payment batches and IRD files). There are a couple of things you can do to resolve this.

One option is to use a different browser, for example Firefox or Chrome. Neither of these browsers are affected by this Apple issue.

Alternatively, you can resolve this by setting FlexiTime up as a trusted plug-in as follows.

Go to Safari's Preferences:



Select Security and click the Plug-in Settings... button.



Click on Adobe Flash Player, select and choose 'Run in Unsafe mode'. Note that there is nothing unsafe about FlexiTime - you're just letting the browser know that you trust the application. You confirm this in the next dialog. After you've done this, make sure you refresh the FlexiTime web page so that the new settings are applied to it. 



This will prevent Safari from hanging when you're saving files.

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