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The FlexiTime Mobile App will be discontinued on 31 May 2021. If you'd like your employees to continue to record their timesheets, request leave and view their payslips on their phone we recommend upgrading to PayHero. Please contact support if you need any further information.


Employees can enter their own hours using FlexiTime's mobile app.

Access the app on your mobile browser at

Tip: There will be an option in the browser to save the page to the home screen on the phone. This way the app looks and behaves exactly the same way as an installed app. If using Chrome there is an Add to Home screen under the menu from the three dots in the top right. Using the latest version of Safari, click the Share button along the bottom (box with arrow) and one of the available options is Add to Home screen.

Once you have opened the app, you can simply log in using your employee user credentials. Please note that you can't log in using the Admin username as this is not associated with an employee. For information on setting up employee logins, see our User Access article.


Record Time

You can record time by tapping the blue + button in the My Time screen, and selecting 'Add Time'. Select the Work, and if applicable the Category and/or Job. Ensure the date is correct, and set the start time, end time, and break duration for any unpaid breaks (e.g. lunch). Tap the tick in the top right corner to save the time entry.



The Clock feature allows you to time a task. To start a clock, simply tap the blue + button in the My Time screen, and select 'Start Clock'. 

If you are interrupted during that task or start working on something different you can easily start another clock for the new task. When you stop the clock for a task the previous clock starts up again automatically.

Pause the clock and FlexiTime will record a break duration on the time entry it creates.

New time entries automatically use the Default Work set on your employee settings by your payroll manager. If you don't have a Default Work, they will default to the work from the last time entry created using the clock. You can tap on the running clock to edit the Work the time should be applied to, and Category and Job if applicable.

If you shut down the app or the browser on your mobile, it will remember the clocks you had running and continue to time the task. Just reopen the app or head back to and you are automatically logged in and shown the running clocks.


Time History

You can scroll through the complete history of all time entries and easily edit, delete or add new time entries. Pull down on the screen at any time to refresh the data.


To Do List

The To Do List lets employees create a list of tasks for themselves and record their time against those tasks. Open the Menu pane from the top left corner of the app and select 'To Do'. To create new tasks tap the blue + button and select 'New Task'. Name the task, select the Work, and if applicable the Category and/or Job. If you would like a description to appear on time entries generated from this task, enter it in the Description field. Tap the tick in the top right corner to save the task.

You can tap the play button on an active task at any time to instantly start a clock recording your time on that task. Pause the clock to record a break on the task, or hit stop to complete that time entry and send it through to FlexiTime. You can mark a task as Complete by tapping the tick icon on the task.


My Team

If you have been set up as a manager in FlexiTime with Time Planner Access, you can also manage time for your staff. Simply open the Menu pane from the top left corner of the app and select 'My Team'. You can start, stop and pause clocks from the My Team screen, or you can tap into an individual employee to add time entries manually as well as viewing and editing their existing time entries.

When starting clocks for your team, FlexiTime will use the latest Work that you manually set on any employee (including yourself) in your mobile app. 

You can tap any of the running clocks to edit their settings.


Request Approval

If you're a temp or contractor who needs to send approval requests for their time, you can do so through the Mobile App by tapping the blue + and selecting the 'Request Approval' tick icon. 

An approval request will automatically be sent for all weeks entered since time was last approved, up until the date of the most recent unapproved time entry. This will include today if you have any unapproved time entries entered for today, but will not request approval for any time entries in the future.

If you've entered some but not all of your time for today's date, make sure you hold off on requesting approval until you have entered all of your time for today.


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