User Access


Applying user access to your employees can allow them to login, view and/or manage times for themselves and any employees they are responsible for. User Access settings can be managed for each employee under Setup > Employees.


Enter a unique Username to enable the employee to sign in to FlexiTime.  

If you tick Email Login Details and have entered an email address for the employee in their Details tab, FlexiTime will send an automatic email to the employee from which they can log in and set a password. 

If preferred, you can enter a New Password for them instead, and let them know their Username, Password, and the Company Code. 


User Access will be maintained even after your employees finish so that they continue to have access to their pay history. If you no longer want an employee to have user access, simply untick the 'Active' checkbox.


If the employee performs a role which requires privileged access to certain FlexiTime functions, e.g. approving Timesheets or managing invoices, you can add user roles to the employee details. More than one role may be added for an employee. Options available are: 



No Role Added

The default User Access, without any User Roles added, allows an employee to see and record their own time, see their pay history/payslips, and make limited changes to their employee details. 


Full access to all functions and all employees. The only things an Administrator can't do are edit the Contact Email for the company (as this is associated with the Admin username), or update your FlexiTime subscription settings. 

Dashboard Viewer

Can access the Report Centre under the Tools menu. It's important to note that whatever other roles the employee may have, this will grant them access to the full capabilities of the Report Centre. This is a great way of giving someone read-only access to your FlexiTime data. 

Invoice Manager

This role is only relevant if you're using the Billing subscription plan.   

Can view the Billing tab. Invoice Managers can create and maintain invoices, as well as editing Timesheets, and employee and company settings.

Job Manager

This role is only relevant if Jobs are enabled on your account.   

 Can view and update Jobs.

Payroll Manager

Able to view and edit all areas of FlexiTime except Billing, Jobs (unless they are assigned to the Job), Charge Types, User Access, and the Report Centre. Payroll Managers can create and maintain pays and download payroll file extracts.

Time Approver

Can view information in the Timesheets tab, excluding labour costs. Time Approvers can edit and approve Timesheets for employees if they are set up as the employee’s Manager on the Employment tab, or have the same Department as the employee.

Leave Approver 

Determines who will receive Leave Request emails for employees. Refer to this article for more information. 

Time Planner

Can view information in the Timesheets tab, including labour costs. Time Planners can use all roster features and schedule time for employees if they are set up as their manager on the Employment tab, or have the same Department as the employee.

Time Viewer

Can no longer make changes to time entries. This is a restricting role and will override some features of other roles.

Paired with the Time Approver role the employee would be able to view time entries for all employees they manage or share a department with, without being able to add or edit those time entries. They would still be able to approve those time entries.


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