FlexiTime Release - August 11, 2015


This week we've introduced email notifications for admin users. 

You'll now be notified when FlexiTime emails,  for example payslips, approval requests, rosters or invoices, are not able to be sent to the recipient.

Under Company Settings you'll see there is a new Admin Email below Contact Email. Contact Email remains the address FlexiTime subscription invoices are sent to and is used when requesting a reset of the admin password. Admin Email is the address that email notifications are sent to, and is the reply-to address for any emails sent from FlexiTime on your behalf.

Often when you get an email notification it is because of an invalid email address. It may also be due to other technical difficulties at the recipient's end, e.g. their mailbox might be full, their mail server playing up, or they may have previously marked FlexiTime emails as spam. 

New notifications will be added soon for other things such as issues encountered when sending data to other systems such as Xero and MYOB.


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