SHiFT Privacy


The FlexiTime Shift photo timeclock app has been discontinued. If you'd like to continue to use a photo timeclock to record when your employees have started and finished work, we recommend upgrading to PayHero. Please contact support if you need any further information.


Businesses should consider their obligations under the Privacy Act 1993 when using a technology such as FlexiTime SHiFT for taking photos of staff when clocking in and out.

You may want to develop a Privacy Policy for your business that clearly explains to staff the reason a photo is taken at clock in times and explains to them what happens to that information after it is collected.

You should explain that the images are taken to ensure that the person clocking in is the person who will be paid for the time worked. By taking a photo the business wants to reduce the opportunity for wages theft through buddy punching or clocking in by a work colleague.

You can explain to staff that the image taken by the iPad is stored only on the iPad and can be viewed by all employees. Images older than one month can easily be cleared from the iPad by any user, but images are kept for one month to allow sufficient period for the wages to be verified during payroll processing.

You may want to make it mandatory that the employee takes a clear image of their face when clocking in, however you should explain to them the consequences if this is not done.

If not mandatory and the employee does not want an image taken of their face you may require that they are clocked in by a supervisor or manager.



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